3 Mill Street, Great Torrington, EX38 8AL

Hippy Motors design, make and sell their own unique range of cool car, van, caravan and motorhome stickers via their own website from their home in Torrington.


Angela and Matt started selling flowers and CND car stickers back in 2004 because a lot of people kept on asking them where they got the ones they made for their own car. Since then they have grown their website and have a really unique range of funky, fun, vibrant and peaceful themed stickers to help reflect your personality.

They live and work close to the town centre at the top of Mill Street. Although it is not a shop it is always open to anyone who wants to see what they do as opposed to browsing over their website. They are always looking for an excuse to stop work and have a chat.

They also organise a small festival every year where customers travel in convoy to meet up for a fun weekend.

  • Made to order a range of flower designs such as daisy, hibiscus and vines.
  • We also offer animals like gecko, hedgehog, pawprints and more.
  • Spiritual symbols as well as peace are also available.
  • Sporting designs like surf, wakeboarding, kayak etc. are also listed on the website.
  • Music is also important as well as Hippy sayings.

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